So…we took a leap of faith and got ourselves an Alter-G. What the heck is an Alter-G you ask? Watch the video below and you’ll find out.

In the D.C. area, the Redskins have one, D.C. United has one and the Veterans Affairs hospital has one. That makes us the ONLY publicly accessible Alter-G in the DC area

Alter-G a treadmill that unloads the weight from you as you run. You can run with 100% to 20% of your body weight. Perfect for anyone with shin splints, ITB syndrome, knee pain, hip pain, recovery from stress fractures and the list goes on and on.

Simply put on the shorts, step in the machine, zip in and run. You calibrate the machine to de-weight you in 1% increments. Afraid you won’t get the workout you would normally? They’ve accounted for that – they did a study on cardiovascular effort and found that for every 10% reduction in weight, you simply speed up the treadmill 0.6 mph. This results in the same cardiovascular effort, but your musculoskeletal system is spared.

So, let’s say you’re training for a race and start to get some tweaks of pain. First, obviously, you get treatment a great ART/chiro/acupuncture office, but you also keep up your training on the Alter-G

Even for non-injured runners, you can de-weight yourself a little and run at much faster speeds than normal. This helps to improve your turnover rate as well as do longer runs with much less risk of overuse injury.

This is an amazing device for people coming off hip replacements, knee replacements, ACL surgery or any other lower extremity or back surgery. Most patients take a long time to get up and start walking. The Alter-G can allow you to get walking without your full body weight.

We will be having an open house for people to try it out for about 10 minutes at no charge on Tuesday March 8th at 5:30 and Saturday the 12th at 3:00 for a couple hours each day.

Check out the video here: