Flattered:1st Specialized Running Clinic in USA

Active Spine and Sport has been chosen as the 1st “Specialized Running Clinic” in the USA by TheRunningClinic.com.

TheRunningClinic.com is an organization in Canada that was founded and operated by Blaise Dubois, a physiotherapist in Canada. He teaches different courses at the University level in Canada, published research in clinical journals and worked with the Canadian Track & Field team. TheRunningClinic.com performs continuing education conferences for running injuries and gait analysis around the world.  You can see the list of their conferences here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Blaise a couple years ago and occasionally consult with him on various topics through email.  Through these contacts, my blog posts and twitter posts, we have built a professional relationship and Blaise has become aware of what we do in our clinic and what I am doing with RunningReform.com.  It was through these conversations that, a couple months ago, Blaise invited me to become the first “specialized clinic” listed on their website for the USA.  We are quite honored to be named into this group of specialists around the world

Currently, the TheRunningClinic.com has recommended clinics in Canada, Australia, France, Spain and the UK by designating them as Specialized clinics.