Patients Testimonials


  • Dr. Maggs, I wish I had you to take a look at my running form when I first began running; it would have saved me from a lot of problems over the years.

    Jeff Horowitz

  • To Dr. Maggs, Thank you for taking care of me. You are awesome. Run to win.

    Meb Keflezighi

    Professional Runner
  • Dr. Maggs, Thanks for all your help. Without your support and great work, I wouldn't make it to the start line.

    Robbie Wade

    Pro Triathlete
  • Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my sore feet, they're feeling great and I can now walk around with no pain, just a little tightness in the morning which is a huge improvement.

    Christie Sym

    Pro Triathlete
  • Just tried a run! Medial quad better, thanks to active release from Dr.Maggs! Maggs helping Mags worked so far!

    Magali Tisseyre

    Profession Triathlete
  • @j_hirsch: kevin maggs is amazing “‏@frayed_laces: Having an awesome live online run form analysis session by at run camp tonight!”

    John Hirsch

    Pro Triathlete
  • Without Running Reform and Dr. Maggs exceptional care I would have been unable to fulfill my dream of running in the Marine Corps Marathon.

    Chris Binkowski

    Recreational Runner
  • Dr. Maggs performed my gait analysis last year. I have both recordings along with the detailed notes I wrote down after getting home. His analysis helped me through a rough stretch where both Achilles tendons were "shredded" and I couldn't run. Recording the gait analysis was simple: warm up, film from two angles resulting in 4 different profile shots. His observations were "spot on" and he found tiny corrections about my running mechanics that others were unable to find. The corrections continue to help me avoid injury on every run. The quality of Dr. Maggs' work is top notch and I continue to recommend Dr. Maggs to other runners today.

    Stu Altenhaus

  • When I went to see Dr. Maggs, my ITB was out of whack and my hips hurt... as an ultramarathoner I run countless miles on endless trails, alot of which are big mountains with crushing downhills that quickly take a toll on the body.  Dr. Maggs videotaped me on premise, worked some ART magic and after several visits I felt like a reborn trail runner.  The trick however was getting to the source of the problem, which in my case was biomechanics.  I had a lack of symmetry or a strength imbalance which Dr. Maggs was able to quickly identify through videotaping and prescribing a number of strengthening drills and exercises that hit the problem or weak areas. I just finished my 3rd 100 mile trail race this past June in San Diego and look to tackle the Hellgate 100K this December! Thanks Dr. Maggs! Cheers, Scott Crabb

    Scott Crabb

  • I spent weeks trying to take advice from coaches, my school's physical trainer, and the internet about how to fix my shin splints, with no success. Dr. Maggs at Running Reform was the only one who actually seemed to know what he was talking about. He analyzed my running, and was able to tell me numerous mistakes I had in my running form that could be causing my shin splints, and gave me a plan for different exercises I should do to correct those problems. I took his advice, and now I'm finally injury free!

    Michael Squires

    X-country and track runner for Stonewall Jackson High
  • Thanks to Dr Maggs for helping me better understand the finer points of good running form, as well as identifying specific areas for me to improve on (such as a more efficient cadence, and strengthening my hip flexor muscles). While my knee issue may ultimately require a medical solution, I feel that my time spent in his care was very beneficial. I recommend that anyone looking to improve their running form, should visit Dr Maggs.

    Mike Ruber