pic_chiropracticChiropractors are typically known for the technique of spinal manipulation, however, there is much more to the art and science of chiropractic than ‘cracking’ joints.  The education of a chiropractor is similar in total classroom hours to that of a medical doctor.  An average of 4,822 hours is required in chiropractic schools, compared with 4,667 hours in medical schools.

Many, many studies have been performed on chiropractic and have compared it to physical therapy, surgery, medications and a host of other treatments.  There is an overwhelming body of research that supports the notion that chiropractic is superior to other options in both effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Testimonials for Chiropractic

  • "I only wish I had tried chiropractic a few years ago when I first started having back pain and maybe the surgery would have never happened." Montana says. "Now we know that chiropractic is not for just bad backs or necks. Its about prevention, so your body can function at optimum health.."

    Joe Montana

    All Pro Quarterback for San Francisco 49ers
  • "If it were not for chiropractic, I would not have won the Gold medal"

    Dan O’Brien

    Olympic Gold Medallist
  • "I do believe chiropractic has really benefited my game. Over the last three years, I feel I have become more exposed to, and knowledgeable about, the benefits of chiropractic for me and my game. I realize how your body can get out of balance, and chiropractic care helps....."

    Fred Funk

    PGA Tour Professional
  • "I found that going to my chiropractor three times a week helps my performance." Holyfield continues, "Once I drove 20 miles to see a chiropractor before a fight. I have to have my adjustments before I go into the ring."

    Evander Holyfield

    Heavyweight Champion of the World
  • "Chiropractic care literally changed my life.  If you're looking to make wellness part of your life, Chiropractic is the place to start."

    Sarah Harding

    Ms Fitness USA 2006
  • "Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using, very extensively, chiropractors in order to stay healthy and fit. Whenever I had a little problem with my body, I always ran to one of my dear friends [Franco Columbo,D.C.], he was always right there with the adjustments. This is how I found out the best way of going, is to use chiropractors, not only after injuries , but also before injury."

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Renaissance Man
  • I've been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.

    Tiger Woods

    Professional Golfer