Dr. Kevin Maggs D.C.

Dr. Maggs is a provider and owner of Active Spine and Sport. He attended the University of Waterloo in Canada for Kinesiology and then went on to kevin profile pic for office webpageNational College of Chiropractic in Chicago where he graduated in 1995 and has been in practice for 18 years in Virginia.

Dr. Maggs is an Active Release Techniques (ART) instructor.  As such, he teaches ART to physical therapists and chiropractors in the USA and Canada.  He is also the Active Release Techniques director for all Rev3 races across the country.  Dr. Maggs has been involved in many sports including different high school sports teams (basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf), rugby team in college and has played hockey for many years. He is an avid runner and has completed 9 marathons and 3 full Ironman triathlons. A large portion of his practice is devoted to runners and athletes.Kevin Ironman Cozumel (4)

Dr. Maggs has also been invited to speak at different venues about the biomechanics of running and gait analysis, including various running specialty stores and has been a guest lecturer on running biomechanics at the Exercise Science Department at GWU and also at the Suntrust National marathon.