Featured in the British Journal of Sports Medicine Blog

Staying current on healthcare research is no easy task:
1)  There are many hours of reading that go into it.
2)  Summarizing all the evidence is also difficult.
3)  Explaining it to patients in a manner they can understand is the final hurdle (the last part is a skill I wish my car mechanic and my IT guy would pick up on.)
These 3 problems haunt every healthcare provider who wishes to provide the best care for their patients. As a result of the problems listed above, I have made a few attempts to summarize current literature of a handful of different topics in the form of easy to understand videos.
When patients mention a certain topic, or we need to explain a detailed topic, we can direct them to these videos which makes all our lives easier.
I put some of these videos out on social media and some have become pretty popular (the shoe prescription one is averaging 2.5K views per week).
My Twitter feed (@runningreform) has attracted the attention of some leading biomechanics researchers and tendon researchers and other authorities.  As a result, The British Journal of Sports Medicine approached me and asked me to write a blog post for them with a collection of some of those videos.  BJSM has promoted @runningreform quite a bit on Twitter, so I’m assuming they feel the content of these videos is accurate as far as the best available research evidence.  To say I’m honoured is an understatement.
Anyway, here is a link to the blog post:

or click on the pic: